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ousra is a mobile publisher for whom we have created multiple subscription-based apps, generating a monthly revenue of $50,000+.

ousra is a mobile publisher for whom we have created multiple subscription-based apps, generating a monthly revenue of $50,000+.

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Yousra el Hajri 

Yousra el Hajri approached us via a satisfied client. She has been our valued client for a year now and has partnered with us in 2 highly successful apps.

Our Partnership with Yousra el hajri: A Tale of Revolution.

In the world of mobile app development, collaborations often begin with unexpected connections. This was the case when Yousra was referred to us by a satisfied client. What followed was a partnership that transformed how we think about innovation and excellence.

Creating a Customized Solution : Instagram Analytics

At the beginning of our teamwork is the development of an innovative Instagram analytics app tailored to meet Yousra El hajri’s specific needs. This effort underscores our commitment to designing unique solutions aligned with our clients' goals. 

With harmonious cooperation, our data analysts and mobile app developers worked hand in hand and we successfully managed the entire process, from design to development, by putting the company at the center of the business.

The app is a heaven for all influencers and bloggers. It uses powerful AI to help  you identify top-performing content, likes, comments, and the ever changing content strategy trends. The Instagram Analytics app gives you accurate reports on new and old followers and the latest trends and habits of the engaged users. 

Journey from a vision to life, Follower reports and tracker. 

Yousra’s vision was to try something unique, an app helpful to the social media world. Through meticulous planning, skillful execution, and integration of features, we effectively brought Yousra El hajri's vision to life. Ultimately, this resulted in a success that brought her $50,000 in monthly revenue.

Powering Your Device: The Smart Cleaner App Revolution

The success of the follower reports and trackersapp laid the foundation of our journey which led to the development of our next partnership with Yousra.

In today's digital age, managing a huge amount of data we generate has become imperative, and optimizing our phone's storage space has become a necessity. One of our collaborations with Yousra El hajri was the Smart Cleaner, which has an active role in decluttering your device, increasing performance and organizing your digital life.

Partnering with Yousra: Our Innovation Journey

Our journey with Yousra has been a testament to innovation and determination and has resulted in the development of cutting-edge applications. Together we continue to create new apps that redefine user experiences and expand device functionality.

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Yousra El Hajiri

Yousra El Hajiri

Yousra El Hajiri