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Okation is a mobile publishing company that we assisted in creating AI-based subscription apps.

Okation is a mobile publishing company that we assisted in creating AI-based subscription apps.


A Global Tech Giant's Quest for Innovation

Okation is a name everyone is familiar with in the digital world. This tech titan is headquartered in Lebanon, with branches in over 7 countries. Their vision is simple, to lead the way in developing subscription-based AI-powered applications. When Okation sought to create multiple apps with a subscription model, they found their match in us at Neon Apps, an outsource mobile app development company.

A conversation, guiding the Path to Success 

Our partnership with Okation began with a casual conversation, where we shared insights on the secrets of the app business. We discussed trends, potential avenues, and how to craft innovative and up to trend applications. It was a meeting of genius minds as we delved into the vast world of subscription-based apps.

Subscription based apps, ensured privacy and results

As Okation shared their views with us, it was obvious that our company, one of the leading  iOS app development companies in the market, was capable of developing secure subscription apps for them. Since many users prefer paying for apps to get security instead of trying them for free, our apps garnered huge success on their release. 

Artificial Intelligence, a World of Possibilities Unveiled

 Okation's decision was clear; they wanted to collaborate with us to develop IA-based (Intelligent Automation) apps. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey. Together, we embarked on projects that pushed the boundaries of IA-based app development.

A Symbiotic Partnership 

What makes this partnership truly remarkable is the matching energies of both parties. Okation's global reach and technological prowess align seamlessly with our expertise in IA-based app development. Together, we are creating a diverse range of IA-based apps that will shape the future and will be crafting more in the future.

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