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Mebruke is a mobile publisher for whom we have designed and developed multiple subscription-based iOS apps.

Mebruke is a mobile publisher for whom we have designed and developed multiple subscription-based iOS apps.

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Mebruke Kızıl

Our collaboration with Mebruke Kızıl has spanned approximately 2 years, during which we've collectively ventured into developing 3 successful apps and will be collaborating to develop more in the future.

Our partnership with Mebruke kizil: A Fruitful Partnership in Innovation

Our partnership with Mebruke Kızıl has given rise to 3 projects. It is an example of the one of its kind  communication between our teams, united by shared goals and a passion for thinking out of the box.. Through open communication, we've been able to modify visions into helpful applications that have enriched users' lives.

Unveiling Trend Magic: TikTok Music Analyzer

One of our collaborations involves a TikTok music analysis app. This app predicts the trending music tracks on TikTok, guiding users on the top charted music choices for gaining prominence, appearing on the 'Explore' page, and learning from those who have recently gained popularity using specific tracks, a haven for rising influencers and TikTokers. This application is made up of immensely powered artificial intelligence technology, completed within a span of 3 months. The perception it provided helped to accentuate users' TikTok through intelligent selection of music.

Hydration Reminder: Water Reminder App

Our next project as a mobile app development company came out as a water reminder app. This application helped users to maintain their hydration by reminding them of their daily water intake requirements. It allowed users to track their water consumption, tailored to their busy schedules and preferences, ensuring consistent hydration throughout the day. This healthcare app has facilitated many.

Conversational AI: Chat-GPT Application: WE ARE FIRST

The advent of Chat-GPT was an opportune moment for us, and we seized it alongside Mebruke to develop a Chat-GPT app as soon as the Chat-GPT API was launched. This marked one of the earliest GPT-based applications in the market, serving as a precursor to a trend that would follow. While many Chat-GPT apps emerged afterward, ours was among the pioneers, setting the tone for innovative applications.

Journeying together for a better future

Working with Mebruke Kizil has been an extremely fruitful journey. We have developed 3 successful apps together and are working on more. Each one shows how our skills combine effectively. Our partnership continues as we create applications that push boundaries and make user experiences better. As we move forward, we are thrilled to see what comes to us in the future years. 

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