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Alp Çakmak is a successful entrepreneur who collaborated with us to develop "Waypoint," a management app for restaurants.

Alp Çakmak is a successful entrepreneur who collaborated with us to develop "Waypoint," a management app for restaurants.


Waypoint App with Alp Çakmak

A little while back, Alp Çakmak, a successful entrepreneur living in Europe, had a unique idea that was a revolution for the restaurant industry. However, when he approached us with his idea, the concept was raw and needed polishing, and that's where our collaboration took off. We provided substantial assistance in developing this idea. As a result, we, as one team, started working on the design process.

Designing for Innovation: Creating the Waypoint App

Over the course of six months, teams at our app mobile app development company worked day and night and came up with a revolutionary app. The app consisted of four panels:

Customer Panel: For customers to easily discover restaurants, make reservations, view menus, place orders, participate in events, and provide feedback.

Restaurant Panel: This empowered restaurants by facilitating the creation of accounts, management of waitstaff, and the ability to oversee menus.

Kitchen Panel: The kitchen panel streamlined order preparation, marking orders as ready, and swiftly communicating new orders to the kitchen staff.

Waitstaff Panel: For waitstaff, this panel allowed for order management, handling bills, and processing payments.

Success story with a happy journey.

The development process is a success story in every way, with no happy ending but a happy journey which we are still taking. The Waypoint App, a one of its kind app for food connoisseurs, after its launch became the talk of the town. This 200 page application was designed for both iOS and Android. Development-wise, we used Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

A Year of Collaboration

It took a year to process this extensive application, our partnership with Alp Çakmak has been enduring, and we're committed to continuous collaboration. Together, we are shaping the future of restaurant management, simplifying operations, and enhancing the dining experience. We are pleased to state that working with Alp Çakmak has been a highly creative and sustainable collaboration for us. Alp’s creativity and persistence throughout this collaboration is of great value to us. 

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